Jus doodling #apocalypse idea. Thinking that based on all the time travel business maybe this is Hank McCoy’s ultimate fate.

Yup. It’s an actual place stuck in traffic on #arseheath #isleofwight

Just doodle dumping as they come. Cap came to mind. #steverogers #captianamerica

Don’t ask. I don’t know how it happened. It started as a desire to show how small her boobies would be. #psylocke

Small Wolvie and psylocke. #doodling it’s all about her bottom if I’m honest 😳

Better shot #wolverine #spiderman

Wow long time no post. First desk doodles for months. New Wolvie and spidey for scale. #wolvie #spiderman

The first one. Ok maybe all of them

Just for the record. Anger solves nothing. Reacting in anger solves nothing. Better concentrate on positive action rather than negative reaction.